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Starting new businesses or scaling ones that have demonstrated success is no easy task. Structured growth can be accomplished with effective planning and constant evaluation, which is something RDM’s team has learned through partnerships with financial group executives, production manufacturers, and consultants of Fortune 50 companies. There is a unique art to every start-up, and direction along the way can mean the difference between success and failure.



The consultation team works with you to effectively identify and address your unique needs in areas ranging from business planning strategies to product refinement.

CAD has been used by the design industry for years to shorten the engineering design process. Accurate technical drawings can be generated with manufacturing in mind, so zero modification is necessary to create the product. Each model is evaluated in the native environment based on the applicable variables to create the perfect solution to your problem.


3d modeling

Using Solidworks and rendering software, RDM generates accurate 3D models to test and evaluate all aspects of a project.

Functional prototypes are necessary for product development and refinement. Custom-built CNC machines that can mill titanium and custom built printers that can prototype at 50 micron resolution (materials include ABS, Nylon, T-Glase, PLA, N-Vent, and many variations of composites) create the groundwork for fast and accurate prototypes. Multiple design iterations in a day are common practice for the RDM team, because minimizing lead time between design iterations provide the biggest advantage against your competition.


rapid prototyping

Inventors need a proof of concept of their product when developing a business, acquiring funding and perfecting their solution.

A silicone camera lens grip used by photographers to improve the photography experience.


Graphic Design

Compelling designs are creative and enhance a project. RDM’s focus is simplicity; meaningful designs without the clutter.

A silicone camera lens grip used by photographers to improve the photography experience.


web development

Functional design and efficient coding methods are utilized to create the optimal website for your project.

Many inventors lack the capital to effectively launch their product, but that should never stop them from launching their prototype into the marketplace. RDM’s team has run entire crowdfunding campaigns to jumpstart the invention’s impact on the marketplace. Behind the scenes of every successful campaign lie many components that RDM executes, such as video production, graphics, analytics, SEO, product fulfillment, and campaign management.


project launch

There is an incredible disparity between an invention and a final product. RDM bridges the gap between invention and product with efficient project launching services.

RDM became a member of the Sarasota Area Manufacturers Association in early 2016. With that, the team learned safe and effective manufacturing techniques, and developed a deep network of contacts in the plastics industry, ranging from injection molding to thermoforming. RDM can lean on these connections to scale production to meet demand.



Each manufacturing process is designed to provide you with effective small scale production runs of your product, perfect for product testing or initial distribution.